And I'm thrilled you've found my blog! Teach the World is a space where I enjoy blending my passions and creativity into bits of knowledge I can share with kind souls like you. So, what are these passions I speak of?


+ GLOBE-TROTTING TEACHER. I consider myself first and foremost a teacher. I graduated from the University of Louisville in 2009 with a dual Bachelors degree in Elementary and Special Education. Since then, I've also pursued a Masters degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis through Penn State, as well as a Teaching English as a Second Language endorsement through the University of Louisville. I've taught in both special education and K-8 classrooms and I've experienced classrooms across 6 different countries thus far. 

+ EDUCATION ACTIVIST. Beyond teaching kids, collaborating with teachers is my passion. I launched an education-based NGO in 2015 called Pink Elephant International. In our programming, we connect instructionally-isolated teachers to other educators around the world in a global support system designed to help improve the quality of their instruction. It is through this work that I am lucky enough to get a glimpse into classrooms all around the world.

+ TRAVEL ENTHUSIAST. The travel bug bit me on my first trip to Africa in 2013 and it only intensifies with each new place I cross from my list. Recently I quit my job in the U.S. to pursue the education world abroad, so at the moment I am living and teaching in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Beyond the adventure, beauty, sights, smells, and food of exotic lands, it is the human connection experienced when traveling that lights up my soul. Every. Single. Time.

ENTREPRENEUR. I love the thrill of starting new projects I am passionate about. Beyond Teach the World and Pink Elephant International, I've been a part of launching projects that span in scope: from a small gym business in my hometown, to a grass roots CBO in a small Masai village on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. If I find myself in the company of like-spirited people with a vision to make a difference, I'm on board.




+ I have a serious case of wanderlust. I've crossed off 9 countries across 5 continents from my travel list thus far, and the list continues to grow. Every time I visit a new place it becomes my new favorite!
+ I love language. I'm currently learning Arabic and Portuguese. At the same time? Na'am. Por que? Life is short and they are both too beautiful not to.
+ Coffee. Chocolate. Pizza. Need I say more?! (And when I can get it... bhajias, thanks Kenya!)
+ Favorites...Book: The Alchemist. Movie: Eat Pray Love.
Song: This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan (don't judge, you love it too)
+ Most inspiring word: Maktub...Arabic meaning "it is written".