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Launched in 2018 as a community to promote leadership and global citizenship within classrooms around the world, Teach the World is a quickly growing tribe of teaching professionals with a mission to shape creative 21st century leaders within their classrooms.


And I’m the one lucky enough to walk with these teachers on their journey. Hi there! My name is Lauren.. Welcome to my blog, my tribe, my little slice of teaching heaven, Teach the World! 

If you are passionate about teaching students to be the best leaders they can be, you’ll feel right at home here. Teach the World is a space I’ve designed to do just that.

The vision here is to inspire teachers to promote tolerance, problem-solving, culture, leadership, creativity, and citizenship in order to shape 21st century leaders in every classroom around the world.

Sound like something that aligns with your teaching philosophy, as well? Perfect! Then you are in the right place!

Within this blog you will find resources to instill the values I’ve mentioned above within your classroom and instruction. You’ll also find resources to support YOUR development as a 21st century professional.

After all, teachers are leaders themselves. I believe that teachers are on the front lines of education and so, if we want to improve educational quality, it begins with inspiring and supporting the development of teachers.

I’ve been exploring the world of education for over five years now as both a student and a teacher.

I’ve taught in both general education and special education classrooms; in public and private school settings; as part of structured and unstructured education systems; with students from low income and high income households; in classrooms across four different continents, six countries and counting.

In my experience, community and collaboration among teachers are priceless when it comes to teaching. Community and collaboration can cultivate inspiration and create a sense of drive. The best funded programs can flop when executed by unmotivated teachers, but inspired teachers can create miracles with very little, running on passion and drive alone. Thus, this is the foundation of the TtW community.


So, how did this become my life?

My passion for Teach the World began at the start of my teaching journey.

As I’ve traveled and gained new experiences in a variety of diverse classroom settings, consulting with and exploring the needs of an assortment of teaching professionals in the field, the mission and form of TtW began to take shape. But it wasn’t until I moved to Brazil that I became aware of a clearer vision for this space. 

So a couple years ago, I did something kind of crazy. After a week-long vacation to Brazil during my school’s spring break, I realized a calling on my life to change it…and drastically. I went home from Brazil and quit my job, sold all of my things, and, two months later, made Rio de Janeiro my new home.

At this point, you may be thinking I was a little crazy….and this is totally fair, maybe I was!

My passion for education, especially in a global context, was always there…but the Universe decided it was at this point in my life that I needed to pursue it further. 

As what tends to happen once you hand over control and respond to your higher calling, things quickly began falling into place once I arrived in Rio. I arrived without knowing anybody, without a job or a clear plan for what I would do, and with barely a place to even stay. But within two months, strangers became friends, I found an adorable apartment on Copacabana beach, and I landed a job at an International school as a primary English Language Development teacher.

To say I was (am) blessed is an understatement.


Now, I am continuing to build my dream life with Rio as my base. Besides traveling and continuing my work to support teachers around the world, I am currently working as my school’s Inclusion Specialist. When I’m not chilling at home with my cat Juju (we’re besties, don’t judge), you can find me at the beach, getting my yoga or Pilates on at my nearby studio, or exploring more of what this beautiful city and country have to offer. 

Life is pretty amazing from this view!

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So, if you’re interested, I invite you to stay a while! Have a look around and join our teacher tribe by signing up with the email list (find it below..oh, and you’ll also get invitations to any free resources and workshops I host online, score!).

And hey, thanks for being here! Oh, and just in case no one has told you lately, you are awesome and your work as a teacher is making a difference!

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